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Trend Report Multi-Touch

The new Multi-Touch technology – and therefore our OPC8000 series – will change our behaviour enormously in the sign of a new industry 4.0. Our ADS-TEC expert Roland Puster will give you insights in the changing markets of Industrial PCs. Do you have further questions, how to upgrade your systems to your future needs? We are pleased to help you.

Is the Multi-Touch already established in the markets?

Roland Puster: “The demand for an operation with Multi-Touch is unabated in 2013. Four out of five of our new projects are already designed with Multi-Touch.“

Why does this trend theme succeed in your opinion?

Roland Puster: „We can see a strong change of users behavior. Not only the young fellow employees are used to functions like drag, flip and zoom. The new technology offers also further software options, that are suitable for industrial use.“

Will you keep on this technology for the future?

Roland Puster: „We are planning to expand the ADS-TEC product portfolio already in Fall 2013. Additionally to the Industrial Panel PCs we will also equip our IP65 standalone PCs for vehicles with Multi-Touch as standard.“