Application FAQs

Tips for applying


What do I have to do?

If you see a job offer that suits you, please apply using our online application form via the link in the job ad post. Fill out the form, add a cover letter to tell us why you’re the right fit for this job, and then upload all of your application documents at the end. 


Content of the application

We don’t know you, so it’s important that you tell us about yourself. We know that cover letters can be tricky. But it helps us to understand what drives you, what you’re passionate about and interested in, why the job is the right fit for you, and who you are as a person. For that reason, please take your time when preparing your application. What do you need to send us? A cover letter, your CV and your references. 


Structure of the application

Please pay careful attention to size, resolution and legibility. Correctly name the files and, if possible, make sure they are all .pdf format. Furthermore, please check all of your documents for spelling and grammatical errors. Feel free to be creative in terms of the layout design – show us your personality!


Can I still apply?

If the job ad is still online, you can be sure that we’re still looking for the right candidate. Once a position has been filled, we take down the job ad immediately. 


Can I still apply even if I don’t meet all the criteria?

Of course! No one’s perfect, and there’s a lot you can learn on the job. Simply tell us in your cover letter why you think you’re the right fit.


Tips for your cover letter

Please do not use templates or standard phrases. We don’t need any empty promises or flattery. Instead, we want to learn more about who you are as a person – your strengths and your potential. Furthermore, don’t be monotonous and don’t repeat yourself. Be honest, authentic, and don’t exaggerate. Be yourself!


Tips for your CV

Make sure your CV is clear and easy to read. Avoid gaps. Include any extracurricular activities (internship, summer job, volunteer work, etc.). If you have a talent for languages or any other special skills or knowledge, be sure to include that information as well.