Hygiene monitor MMD8000

For optimum hygiene in production areas

Stays sealed

These monitors are designed without screws, joints or grooves and optimised for cleaning with detergents commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. There is nowhere for dust and water to penetrate or bacteria to adhere, especially as the interfaces are protected, the cable routing is covered and the monitors have an IP65 or IP69 protection rating. 

If cleaning needs to be even more convenient, the units can also be optionally equipped with the Hygienic Blue front seal for COP cleaning, developed in accordance with EHEDG standards.

The technology: robust

The MMD8000 monitor series has been designed to meet high technological standards: The sandwich housing technology, made of multilayer stainless steel and aluminium, and integrated heat pipes ensure optimal heat dissipation. 

The design: versatile

Where optics and technology merge harmoniously: the displays feature a slim design that makes a strong visual impression. Even greater attention is paid to the hygienic aspect, as with its fully enclosed stainless steel housing, chemically hardened front screen and IP65 or IP69-rated protection against dust and water jets, the display is the ideal choice for hygiene-sensitive environments. In accordance with EHEDG regulations, DIN EN ISO 14159:2008 and the clean room suitability standards of the Fraunhofer Institute IPA. The innovative Hygiene Comfort design is perfectly suitable for convenient, smooth use in hygienically sensitive areas. 

One touch and the data appear

The capacitive multitouch display with its anti-reflective front screen is designed for convenient, multi-finger use. The input is fast and precise, even when wearing gloves. Work can be done effectively with the proven method of machine operation. 

Twice as good

The hygienically designed stainless steel monitors are available in two sizes (17.3" or 23.8") and visualise the comprehensive systems and processes to perfection. Full HD quality in 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and the bright display with a wide viewing angle provide an excellent overview. 

Two options. Easy to install

The 48 mm supporting arm system makes the monitor easy to install, as it can be mounted on the base or on the supporting arm. Both feature outstanding flexibility – and enable rotation and tilting by means of mounting adapters. 

All the power you need: even over 100 metres.

The hygienically designed monitor also works well over longer distances. The optionally integrable HDBaseT receiver module makes it possible to transmit multimedia signals such as image and touch control over distances of up to 100 metres – via one single cable. Compatible industrial box PCs and panel PCs with integrated HDBaseT transmitter module can be found in the OPC, IPC or MMT series.

Performance at a glance


Shockproof in accordance with IK08 standards due to its tempered glass fitted with a shatter protection film. Resistant to cold and heat 

Multitouch technology

Easy to operate with multiple fingers at once, even when wearing gloves. 

Flexible mounting options

Compact for 48 mm supporting arm systems or VESA connection. Rotatable and tiltable for mounting on a base or a supporting arm

Protection rating

IP65 or IP69-rated protection against dust and water jets, IP69K-rated protection against dust and high-pressure cleaners


MMD8000 series stainless steel monitors are designed for stringent hygiene standards in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Find out more!


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Effectively inspecting glass and PET bottles

Beverage producers are increasingly acknowledging that fully automated bottle inspection systems offer outstanding potential for the entire value chain. Based in Mintraching near Regensburg, KS Control deploys the award-winning HMI units from ADS-TEC Industrial IT in its new inspection machines. 

The right accessories:


Power supply for MMT

• Input 96..264 V AC, 47..63 Hz, Output 24 V DC, 65 W
• Dimensions: 53 x 38 x 115 mm (B x H x T)
• Cable connection over 3 pole. Screw terminals
• incl. Mains cable 3 m

Order No. DV-NZT-0001-0 120-AA (EU / CH / UK)
Order No. DV-NZT-0001-0 020-AA (EU)


IP65-rated power supply with 5-metre cable, aluminium housing

• Aluminum housing
• Input 100-240 V, output 24 V DC / 2.5 A, 60 W.
• Dimensions: 156 x 82 x 58 mm (L x W x H)
• Cable connection via 3 pol. Screw terminals
• incl. 5 m DC connection cable
• incl. 5 m mains cable EU


Order No. DV-NZT-0001-0 201-AA


Support arm adapter for MMT/MMD

• Turnable and tiltable for MMT / MMD for mounting on 48 mm standard pipe
• With spacer rings and short bolts
• Mounting from above
• Without additional key module and without front film


Order No. DV-MMXADAPT 010-AA


Support arm adapter + Additional key module MMx 17"

• Rotatable and tiltable for MMT/MMD for mounting on 48 mm standard tube
• Incl. mounted additional key module for MMx8017
• Front: plastic with stainless steel rear housing
• Rear: prepared for 7 holes with 22,5 mm for mounting hardware keys (without wiring and keys)


Order No. DV-MMXADAPT 011-AA


Support arm adapter + Additional key module MMx 24"

• Turnable and tiltable for MMT / MMD for mounting on standard 48 mm pipe
• Incl. Mounted additional button module for MMx8024
• Front: plastic with stainless steel back housing
• Back: prepared for 7 holes with 22.5 mm for holding hardware buttons (without wiring and buttons)

Order No. DV-MMXADAPT 012-AA


Cross adapter

Rotatable and tiltable for mounting 2 terminals on 48 mm standard tube


Order No. DV-MMXADAPT 013-AA



IP69k tube adapter (gooseneck)

• Boom adapter for mounting on 48mm standard pipe
• IP69K in stainless steel
• mounting from bottom/top


Order No. DV-MMXADAPT 320-AA



• Adapter for VESA75 mounting in aluminum IP69K


Order No. DV-MMXADAPT 325-AA


VESA adapter

Adapter for VESA 75 mounting 


Order No. DV-MMXADAPT 070-AA


Table base for supporting arm

Order No. DV-MMXOPT-05 001-AA


Cable set and USB 2.0 over 10 metres

Suitable for MMD and OPD series
• HDMI cable 10 m
• USB 2.0 A/B cable 5 m without hub
• USB 2.0 A/A cable 5 m with hub


Order No. DV-MMXOPT-04 002-AA


Cable set and USB 2.0 over 15 metres

Suitable for MMD and OPD series
• HDMI cable 15 m
• USB 2.0 A/B cable 5 m without hub
• USB 2.0 A/A cable 5 m with hub
• USB 2.0 A/A cable 5 m with hub


Order No. DV-MMXOPT-04 002-AA


HDBaseT box – transmitter and receiver

• For MMD8017/8024 to transmit image and USB signal
• Up to 100 m
• Passive cooling
• Extended temperature range
• Power supply: 24 V
• Interfaces: HDMI, USB host/slave, RJ45
• Mounting top hat rail


Order No. DV-HDBTBOX-TX 100-AA (Extender Kit Transmitter)
Order No. DV-HDBTBOX-RX 100-AA (Extender Kit Receiver)


Prolongs the security of your business.

ADS-TEC Industrial IT once again shows that quality standards by no means end with the development and production of outstanding technology. The company also provides excellent service. With the Basic, Silver and Gold service packages, you can extend the life cycle of your product even after the warranty has expired and protect it against technical failures for a prolonged period. For repairs, you can specify defined response times between 3 and 10 working days for 36 or 60 months.  

Need even more security? Full comprehensive coverage (FCC) provides you with virtually complete coverage for industrial computing products – which also covers mechanical damage.


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