Sustainable innovations for a connected future

Sustainable innovations for a connected future

We stand for Advanced System Technologies and make a valuable contribution to providing market-leading technology with innovative products and services that drive a digital future with sustainably used resources. 
The durability of our products as well as the careful selection of the high-quality components we use help to conserve valuable resources.

Our remote maintenance and security solutions help reduce the number of on-site service calls and therefore the accompanying high level of carbon emissions caused by cost-intensive flights and long-distance travel.

For us sustainable, above all, means being economical with all our materials as well as production and operating resources.

These measures and behaviours actively contribute to a more sustainable future and we have been doing so for more then 40 years.


Success through common goals

ADS-TEC is the brand of choice in terms of quality, technology, innovation and availability. Our primary goal is to supply our customers with absolutely flawless products. This aim in mind, we actively involve our employees in the company and encourage and motivate them to continuously improve and develop the quality of our products. We place the same demands on our suppliers as we do on ourselves. 


Process-optimised approach

We do not view continuous improvement as a matter of chance. In our quality policy, we pursue a process-oriented approach based on our corporate strategy. 
All our main corporate processes are defined.


More than just KPIs: a guide

We have established a clear, standardised quality management system to ensure compliance with our quality principles. This system guides us in all our daily activities. At the same time, it provides us with clear orientation and serves as a basis for a continuous improvement process involving both products and processes.

Customer view

Our top priority is to deliver our products both on time and in flawless condition. To ensure this, we continuously monitor the number of warranty, dead-on-arrival and goodwill incidents as well as the punctuality of deliveries and the lead time of service orders.

Internal view

Well-functioning processes and smooth workflows are the basis for meeting and improving our key performance indicators from a customer perspective. These include the first pass yield, deviations in internal audits and the employee fluctuation rate. 

Supplier view

Good supplier relationships have a direct impact on the success of 
ADS-TEC Industrial IT. The crucial factors in this respect are the PPM ratios and the development of all suppliers, especially our focus suppliers. 

Quality management

In 1998, ADS-TEC first introduced and certified a DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management system at all its company locations. All our important business processes are described in our management manual, regularly reviewed and continuously developed.

Environmental management

In order to duly meet its responsibility towards nature and the environment, in 2021 ADS-TEC introduced an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001, which was successfully certified in 2022. All environmentally relevant processes are combined in our management manual to form an “Integrated Management System” (IMS).

Our environmental policy

ADS-TEC also sees the reduction of carbon emissions and climate protection as the major challenges of our times. Our environmental management system comprises various fields of action. We aim to provide our customers with solutions to reduce their environmental impact and support the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

With our life cycle-related approach, we strive to eliminate hazardous substances from our products, maximise their energy-related performance during use, create low-carbon and environmentally optimised workplaces, and minimise the amount of waste generated by our systems and products. This aspiration also includes the integration of our supply chain. For this reason, we are committed to complying with all laws, administrative regulations and corporate programmes designed to protect the environment.

Where we currently stand

Within the framework of our environmental management policy, all essential environmental aspects have been identified. Key performance indicators have been defined, are regularly reviewed and continuously improved.
One strategic performance indicator is the reduction of our overall carbon footprint. In order to positively develop this performance indicator, concrete measures such as the successive conversion of our vehicle fleet to EVs, the reduction of heating energy consumption, the transition to 100% green electricity and the expansion of the company’s own PV systems are being given a high priority.
Moreover, we are continuously reducing our packaging waste and the use of hazardous materials.

These combined measures enabled us to significantly reduce our carbon emissions from 2021 to 2022, despite strong corporate growth.