Our workshop concept

As a leading manufacturer of industrial computers and IT solutions, we offer you support and guidance on your path into the future of Industry 4.0. Via a five-phase workshop, we can design a security solution customised to meet your needs. We can also give you access to new terrain and optimise your systems – whether integrating them in a network or merging several existing systems with one of our IRFs. 

Be on the secure side!

The ADS-TEC sophisticated security concept is designed to give every participant the good feeling of being on the secure side at every stage of the project. We develop your specific scenario in five phases. 


Phase 1: Security analysis

Determining your basic requirements: it all begins with an analysis of the current situation, followed by drafting the target situation. The final number of machines and systems is then defined as well as the required applications and services. Finally, we evaluate the right firewall for the security level you require and the hardware needed for the appropriate application. 


Phase 2: Security workshops

Defining the preconfiguration parameters: together with the management, the IT department and the Sales & Service team we conduct a technical workshop – either on-site or online with the aim of developing an overall solution that spans every department. 


Phase 3: Security configuration

Creating the individual configuration: the goal is to complete the initial set-up of your portal in Big-LinX – adapted to the requirements of your industrial network as well as the configuration of individual firewalls and routers with the specific parameters. 


Phase 4: Security roll-out

Implementation: we hand over your turnkey platform, complete with all the desired settings. In our user training course, we train your technicians and administrators so that nothing more stands in the way of simple commissioning in a plug-and-play process. 


Phase 5: Our promise of security

Once the firewalls and routers are fully deployed, we keep them continuously up to date with security updates. Moreover, the security solutions are constantly being further developed on the basis of customer feedback and empirical values.