What motivates us

As part of the ADS-TEC Group, we stand for “Advanced System TEChnologies”. Our products are synonymous with technological innovation and play a vital role in building a connected future. We work together with our customers to create solutions in a true spirit of partnership with the aim of fostering long-term relationships. We strive to deliver this commitment every day, to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term success of our company. 

Building a connected future

We believe that a connected future can succeed when humans and machines interact easily and securely. By this we mean both the interaction of humans with humans, of humans with machines and of machines with machines.

Technology 100% “Made in Germany”

We are passionate about designing user-friendly products that can be easily and perfectly integrated in individual and challenging environments. Thanks to our innovative digital expertise, 100% depth of development and high-quality workmanship we are able to do so effectively. 

System platform for digitalisation

We are working passionately towards a connected future by developing and producing hardware, software and IIoT solutions.