Master of cable-based signal transmission

A robust solution for signal transmission

The robust solution for the cable-based transmission of image and USB signals. For distances up to 100 metres. Interference-free and very powerful. The most reliable thing that can happen to your production environment. 

One device – three applications


Scenario 1: with a stand-alone kit

The HDBaseT stand-alone kit is used to transfer data using a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX) between a computer and a monitor without an integrated HDBaseT module. Can also be adapted to any other solution in the transmission standard. 


Scenario 2: with an integrated receiver module

Compatible ADS-TEC monitor with an integrated HDBaseT receiver module and industrial PC without an integrated HDBaseT transmitter module. 


Scenario 3: without an integrated receiver module

Monitor without an integrated HDBaseT receiver module and an ADS-TEC IPC with an integrated HDBaseT transmitter module.


Can be mounted on a top hat rail

Simply mounting the device on a top hat rail makes it easy to install in control cabinets or on machines and systems.


Excellent connections

The boxes can handle a large number of interfaces. Apart from USB and HDMI, they also have HDBT (RJ45 for a CAT6a cable) and DCIN connectors.

Really tough: –26°C to +60°C

The box that likes extremes. Heat, cold? No problem. Made for use even in extreme conditions, such as those usual in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Performance at a glance.


Passive cooling system without a fan 

Easy to install

Mounting via top hat rail in control cabinets or on machines and systems


Can be combined with the integrated modules of the IPC, OPC, OPD, MMT and MMD series from ADS-TEC Industrial IT

Everything at a glance

The ADS-TEC transmitter/receiver box transmits signals without interference over a distance of 100 metres. Find out more!


Driver Download

Our driver download area is currently being restructured and our support team will be happy to provide you with the appropriate drivers for your ADS-TEC device. 
You can reach us via the form or directly by e-mail at support.iit@ads-tec.de.


Prolongs the security of your business.

ADS-TEC Industrial IT once again shows that quality standards by no means end with the development and production of outstanding technology. The company also provides excellent service. With the Basic, Silver and Gold service packages, you can extend the life cycle of your product even after the warranty has expired and protect it against technical failures for a prolonged period. For repairs, you can specify defined response times between 3 and 10 working days for 36 or 60 months. 

Need even more security? Full comprehensive coverage (FCC) provides you with virtually complete coverage for industrial computing products – which also covers mechanical damage.


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