Big-LinX Edge Client

Easy remote maintenance of HMIs*


Operate your machines 
from anywhere: via HMI.

Your HMI (Windows) becomes the remote maintenance point with the Big-LinX Edge Client. Easy and secure remote operation and maintenance of your machines: via VPN. No additional hardware required. Get access to the Big-LinX Cloud for your HMI’s now: with the Big-LinX Edge Client. 

The Big-LinX Edge Client can also be installed on third party HMI’s (possibly with restricted functionality).

* Windows operating system 

Utilise the full scope of Big-LinX

Utilise the diverse functions of Big-LinX, such as defining all access to your machines and systems for different users such as service technicians and customers. Display machines in groups and set up different organisations - with granular structure mapping.


Monitor your assets.

Keep an eye on your machines at all times, with condition monitoring. Retrieve all of the available assests on your HMI, and monitor every step of the process. Monitor the machines and define alarms and responsible employees for certain events.* The data that is read out can also be prepared for other purposes such as displaying in Big-LinX.

* The responsible employees are notified if an event occurs. Specific employees can only be defined to a limited extent on third party devices. 


Simple installation. Simple usability.

Perform regular updates for your software and applications. Easy to do using remote maintenance, and no additional hardware is required. Particularly mechanical engineers with smaller machines will benefit from using Big-LinX Edge Client. For additional security, the ADS-TEC IRF series can perform network segmentation or use pre-configured packet filtering rules.

Maximum performance at a glance


Secure connection to Big-LinX via VPN and proxy (TCP 443). And for clear authentication: 
Smartcard technology, software certificate, 2-factor authentication.


Simple installation, simple operation. You’re ready to go in just two clicks. Select IoT sources using a dropdown menu. No special IT knowledge required.

Condition monitoring

Monitoring and access to IPC asset data.

IoT interface

gRPC interface via connector. Access to WMI, sensors and connected ADS-TEC devices.

Cost advantage

No additional hardware required.


The Windows application can access the installed device and access reachable devices from the IPC, for 64-bit and 32-bit Windows.

Remote operation

Access remote devices. You’re on your IPC screen with just two clicks. Monitor and maintain machines – thanks to the well-tried token-based operating rights concept of X-Remote. Access is possible from anywhere, even for several persons.

gRPC interface (Google Remote Procedure Call)

External data, distributed sensors or software programs can be connected in a problem-free and flexible way with gRPC. The powerful, Open Source interface based on an RPC framework. Your advantage: Data volumes can be transmitted faster. Implement all IoT data, push it into the Big-LinX Cloud and reap the benefits of remote maintenance and condition monitoring.

Configuration Center

The Configuration Center is used to set up your devices. The Big-LinX Edge Client is a part of the ADS-TEC Configuration Center. The Configuration Center can also be installed on third party HMIs.* The required operating system is Windows. From Windows 10 and above, setting up the HMI is uncomplicated and quick.

* The full scope of all functions may not be available on third party devices.


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