OPC9000 industrial PC

High tech in perfection

A new generation of HMI solutions

Every performance, no matter how outstanding, deserves to be improved. The new OPC9000 series has perfected tried-and-tested quality. The latest generation of fanless industrial PCs has been redeveloped from scratch and optimised in every detail, based on our decades of experience. The result: state-of-the-art technology with 8th-generation Intel® Celeron® and Intel® Core™ processors that is significantly more powerful than its predecessors and no longer requires a fan. 


The choice is yours

This latest generation of HMI solutions with its easy-to-use multitouch screens is available in three sizes and an extremely elegant design in powder-coated, die-cast aluminium with a glass front. Whether in 15.6", 18.5" or 23.8" full HD – this superb technology is 100% made in Germany. 

Enhanced innovation with power


The new generation takes user-friendliness one step further. In addition to the rear power button, the OPC9000 series industrial PC is equipped with a newly developed front capacitive power button that can be switched off via the software. The illuminated power symbol then disappears behind the elegant glass front and the device’s operating state is displayed via a small status LED.

We want to offer you a lot more

More convenient than ever! The innovative mounting concept makes the device far easier to install without needing any additional parts. A service box at the back of the device gives you quick, easy access to the flash SSD and the CMOS battery.

All the power you need: even over 100 metres.


The panel PC can easily handle longer distances. The optionally integrable HDBaseT transmitter module makes it possible to transmit multimedia signals such as image and touch control over distances of up to 100 metres – via one single cable. Our state-of-the-art OPD and MMD series industrial monitors also provide superb viewing results.

Industrial communication is simple. And doesn’t require any tools.

Do you need greater flexibility when connecting your PLC or other peripherals? With the Hilscher netJACK modules you can integrate a variety of fieldbus types as well as real-time Ethernet as master or slave in the OPC9000. This can be done quickly and easily without tools. 



With ADS-TEC products you also have a reliable, secure connection for servicing, ensured either via smartcard or the software certificate-secured VPN tunnel of our Big-LinX IIoT client. The integrated X-Remote software solution guarantees remote operation and duplication of the user interface worldwide at all times. 


With Big-LinX, your technicians have a central platform for remote maintenance from which they can control any number of end devices. 

Superb performance at a glance


Intel® 8th-generation processor technology (Whiskey Lake) 


Passive fanless cooling system in a maintenance-friendly design


The tempered glass makes the front shockproof in accordance with IK08 standards

Multitouch technology

Easy to operate with multiple fingers at once, even when wearing gloves

Easy to install

Quick and simple to install, no separate parts required 

Protection rating

IP65 front available

Optional RAID system

Store data securely in RAID mode


Remote maintenance made easy


Our product manager for industrial and box PCs, Jochen Gengenbach, presents exciting insights into the OPC9000 product series in the how-to video series on our YouTube channel. In the videos, he demonstrates the innovative mounting concept of the devices, as well as the flexibly adaptable connectivity.



External Power Supply

• Input 100..24 V AC, 50..60Hz, Output 24 V DC, 6.25 A
• Five-pole cable connection with spring clamp
• Incl. Power cable 3 m

Order No. DV-NZT-0001-0 125-AA (EU / CH / UK)
Order No. DV-NZT-0001-0 025-AA (EU)


Cable set for transmitting DP>HDMI and USB 2.0 over 10m

• Active DP 1.2 to HDMI cable 4K
• USB2.0 A/B cable 5 m without hub
• USB2.0 A/A cable 5 m with hub

Order No. DV-IPCOPT 005-AA


Aluminum housing for OPC9016 and OPD9016

• IP65 on the front
• Rear IP54 with Murr cable bushing
• Mounting suitable for VESA100 bracket
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 543 x 400 x 143 mm

Order no. DV-OPXOPT-01 010-AA OPC/OPD9016 housing (without assembly
Order no. DV-OPXOPT-01 020-AA OPC/OPD9016 housing (with assembly of the OPC/OPD9016)



Aluminum housing for OPC9019 and OPD9019

• IP65 on the front
• Rear IP54 with Murr cable bushing
• Mounting suitable for VESA100 bracket
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 572 x 401 x 143 mm

Order no. DV-OPXOPT-02 010-AA OPC/OPD9019 housing (without assembly)
Order no. DV-OPXOPT-02 020-AA OPC/OPD9019 housing (with assembly of the OPC/OPD9019)



Aluminum housing for OPC9024 and OPD9024

• IP65 on the front
• Rear IP54 with Murr cable bushing
• Mounting suitable for VESA100 bracket
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 658 x 436 x 143 mm

Order no. DV-OPXOPT-03 010-AA OPC/OPD9024 housing (without assembly)
Order no. DV-OPXOPT-03 020-AA OPC/OPD9024 housing (with assembly of the OPC/OPD9024)




Driver Download

Our driver download area is currently being restructured and our support team will be happy to provide you with the appropriate drivers for your ADS-TEC device. You can reach us via the form or directly by e-mail at support.iit@ads-tec.de.

The right software:



For the real-time operation of interlinked systems and processes, ADS-TEC has developed a remote protocol that enables the user to operate remotely via mobile or permanently installed thin client applications.


More freedom in the implementation of machines and systems

All-In-One Panel PCs,
Industrial Box PCs & HMI Displays


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