Secure remote access solution for Industry 4.0
and IoT applications

The platform for secure remote maintenance and reliable IIoT applications

Big-LinX is the platform developed in-house by ADS-TEC Industrial IT for secure remote maintenance and reliable IIoT applications. In the age of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things, factories around the world are becoming increasingly interconnected, digitalised and therefore more complex. That’s why remote maintenance and greater efficiency in controlling production systems and machines are becoming key factors. The award-winning Big-LinX not only helps you avoid travel costs, but also the expense of prolonged production downtimes, enabling you to effectively leverage the full potential of Industry 4.0. 

How Big-LinX® works

To keep your production running smoothly, you need to respond swiftly to disruptions as soon as they occur. If service is required, the system manufacturer connects to the Big-LinX rendezvous server via a VPN connection and the system likewise via the ADS-TEC firewall. A consistently secure and strongly encrypted connection is created with the integrated smartcard for authentication. Now the process of remote diagnostics and analysis can begin, problems can be fixed or spare parts identified and ordered to get your equipment up and running again as soon as possible.

One platform – X possibilities


Innovative services for a secure IIoT


Remotely – from anywhere, anytime

Boost revenue

Maximise the potential of IIoT and Industry 4.0 by using innovative services

Respond more quickly

Service disruptions can be resolved immediately – service technicians no longer need to travel

How-to video series

Big-LinX simply explained. Our network and IIoT expert Marc Schmierer presents the most important features of the innovative platform with his how-to video series on our YouTube channel. From the introduction of the test kit to registration, to setting up alarm rules and many other practical explanatory videos on the subject. 

Maintenance and predictive maintenance

Preparing maintenance

Can the condition of machines be monitored automatically? Using our IIoT applications and services, you can monitor and proactively maintain machines in real time. The benefits include faster diagnosis, more accurate forecasts as well as trends, and easier drafting of recommendations for action. The ideal basis for needs-based maintenance that cuts costs and saves a lot of time.

Secure cloud hosting

The servers are located in Europe – access is guaranteed worldwide, even in China – thanks to a secure-access gateway solution. The advantage: your entire machine data are extremely well protected and the processes are all fully compliant with applicable regulations and specifications such as the GDPR.

Configuration made easy – no-code platform

Big-LinX makes it possible to implement sophisticated IIoT applications even without programming skills, enabling machine data to be read out or alarms visualised – without having to write a single line of code. 

The right features for every application

One-click remote service

Speed up access to your machine

Dashboard and dashboard designer

Create dashboards to visualise data, even for entire machine series

Firmware management

Schedule and perform firmware updates remotely

Virtual machines

Optimise your technical service and create software templates within a virtual machine – without additional software or special operating systems

Alarms and notifications

Set up individual alarms and receivers

User, rights and organisation management

Regulate all accesses to your machines and systems

Device management

Create your own individual topology of machines

Smartcards and certificates

Manage smartcards and certificates for users and devices


Access remote desktops

Optional China connection

Is part of your business in China? Then simply book the China Connection from Big-LinX as well. It is specifically designed for the Chinese economic region. And since we don’t run servers, but just a gateway in China, encryption from the device to the server is end-to-end. Nothing stands in the way of secure access and easy remote maintenance of your systems and equipment in China. 

Smart services for smart IIoT in your company

WWH – World Wide Heartbeat

Open, smartcard-protected ADS-TEC communication protocol that securely transmits and stores data in the database without a VPN tunnel

Physical smartcard

High-security SIM card for physical encryption of communication channels


Smartcard-secured VPN connection including encrypted communication with the machine

2-factor authentication

The portal login can be secured via two-factor authentication using a common authenticator app or e-mail in addition to a username and password

Plug and play

Simple, intuitive installation at the point of use with customer-specific, preconfigured, ready-to-connect firewalls

Cloud data logging

Unique recording and assignment of a connection, including information on the visitor and duration of the connection

Rest API

Open interfaces for easy connection to third-party systems

Time series database

Optimised storage of automated averages for dashboard visualisation

Test Access

The IIoT service platform Big-LinX - 6 months test time

  • The free Big-LinX test package includes 10 software certificates and 10 simultaneous VPN connections.
  • The contents available in the test package are also part of the Big-LinX basic package.
  • The test time runs from the time of registration

The right hardware

Maximum IIoT security meets the plug&play experience.

One platform. X options.

Interconnecting 1,800 wood processing machines worldwide

Michael Weinig AG in Tauberbischofsheim is the world’s largest manufacturer of machines and systems for wood processing. The company has succeeded in making the leap into Industry 4.0 and has been using Big-LinX and first-generation firewalls from ADS-TEC since 2014. 

Whitepaper including checklist

Industrial IoT Cloud Solution: What you should consider in your selection

Find out more in our free whitepaper.



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