High standard of operating and monitoring worldwide 

Infinite possibilities

The screen and input response takes place in the Ethernet without any time delay. It is simple to operate and works on the master-slave principle. One PC as master is sufficient, thin clients take care of the rest. From anywhere, to anywhere. Even on Windows mobile devices. With the X-Remote software you can connect as many slaves as you like to one master and thus add numerous parallel monitoring centres. 

Exceptional results – both local and global

One software application – and you control your entire world. X-Remote is the ideal remote solution for controlling duplicated and distributed user interfaces. Whether locally via Ethernet or globally with our Big-LinX cloud-based solution, any number of PC interfaces can be multiplied. In real time and with maximum security standards, you control your machines, systems and processes without needing to be on-site. 

Superb performance at a glance

Easy to install

Install X-Remote master on PC system – done!


Easy access for service

Everything clearly in view

Monitoring centre via multiple remote desktops


The master-slave principle

With these new functions, ADS-TEC once again proves that technology never stands still. X-Remote now offers multiple operating variants from all directions – no matter how many masters and slaves are deployed. Moreover, files of any data type can be transferred between master and slaves, from any file folder to any destination folder. 

Ultimate freedom in your industrial network

Steer however and wherever you want: simply and directly with X-Remote, via a master computer and multiple slaves using Ethernet technology. Locally via the parallel connection of simple, lean embedded thin clients – without a PC and the related maintenance costs. Or as a third option using X-Remote Global directly connected and in near real time from the Big-LinX IoT service platform. 

Everything at a glance

The ADS-TEC remote desktop software makes operating and monitoring machines, systems and processes an unparalleled experience. Find out more!



Remote operation via ethernet


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