MES9000 shop floor terminals

Benchmark for paperless production

Shopfloor Terminals MES9000 - a product that meets all your requirements.


Revolutionising the shop floor

The future is paperless production – and ADS-TEC Industrial IT is at the forefront. With the versatile 9000 series MES shop floor terminals, people at manual workstations can digitally view and enter operating data with perfect simplicity – without any paperwork. 

Powerful, uncompromising performance featuring the latest 8th-generation Intel® processor technology, with up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM and SSD M.2 mass storage capability. 

Every touch is a hit

The user-friendliness of industrial PCs is a key factor. Shop floor personnel can safely and reliably enter data on the large, intuitive multitouch display – thus minimising data loss. The full HD displays are available in sizes 15.6", 18.5" and 23.8" and also feature an elegant design.


Installed in no time at all

Efficiency is key: the mounting concept of the MES9000 series has been well thought out down to the last detail and so flexible that installation is fast and simple. Depending on the application, the (VESA) supporting arm, table mounting or base can be perfectly connected with each other via a VESA100 connection. An optional accessory kit for mounting arm installation with concealed cable routing or an IP65 kit for an all-round protected housing can be used.


Ideally connected

Goodbye paper. Hello connectivity. Numerous interfaces and wireless connectivity options such as RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the front USB port prevent any potential errors from occurring. A major improvement on cluttered, conventionally printed production documents. 


Solid as a rock

Wherever splashing, dust and strong vibrations are the norm – the rugged MES9000 series shop floor terminals are an ideal solution. The IP65-protected PCs are built for use in all kinds of harsh environments. With their robust housing, resilient front and capacitive multitouch display, they can even be operated comfortably with work gloves. 


All the power you need: even over 100 metres.

The shop floor terminal can easily handle longer distances. The optionally integrable HDBaseT transmitter module makes it possible to transmit multimedia signals such as image and touch control over distances of up to 100 metres – via one single cable. Our state-of-the-art OPD- and MMD-series industrial monitors also provide superb viewing results.


Superb performance at a glance.

Full HD

In three sizes: 15.6", 18.5" and 23.8"

Multitouch technology

Easy to operate with several fingers at once – even when wearing gloves


Barcode scanning or user login and logout possible via RFID

Protection rating

Front IP65, optionally also rear



Cable set for transmitting DP>HDMI and USB 2.0 over 10 m

• Active DP 1.2 to HDMI cable 4K
• USB2.0 A/B cable 5 m without hub
• USB2.0 A/A cable 5 m with hub

Order No. DV-IPCOPT 005-AA


External Power Supply

• Input 100..24 V AC, 50..60Hz, Output 24 V DC, 6.25 A
• Five-pole cable connection with spring clamp
• Incl. Power cable 3 m

Order No. DV-NZT-0001-0 125-AA (EU / CH / UK)
Order No. DV-NZT-0001-0 025-AA (EU)


IP65 Kit

Accessories for rear protection according to IP65 with cable entry grommets in 2 sizes
Dimension drawing


Order No. DV-MEXOPT-01 001-AA


Threaded bushes M6x10 for MES/MED9000

For mounting accessories*

• Contents: 6 pcs (2 pcs reserve)


Order No. DV-MEXOPT-01 003-AA


*Already included with ADS-TEC accessories


Scanner holder MES/MED9000

Accessory for attaching a barcode scanner to a plastic holder on the left or right of the device.
Connection of sheet metal holder via VESA sockets on the rear of the device. Horizontal adjustment option for MES/MED9019/9024.


Order No. DV-MEXOPT-01 004-AA


Support arm kit

Accessory for connection to 48mm standard pipe with protection to IP65 includes interface cover.
Dimensioned drawing


Order No. DV-MEXOPT-01 002-AA


Table stand for MES/MED9000

Table stand with 48 mm standard tube for mounting the MES/MED9000 using the separately available support arm kit.


Order No. DV-MEXOPT-01 005-AA


Keyboard holder MES/MED9000

Accessory for placing a keyboard. Connection via VESA sockets on the underside of the device.
Dimensioned drawing


Order No. DV-MEXOPT-01 006-AA


Additional key module MES/MED9000

Additional key module for mounting on 48 mm standard pipe with IP65 protection, including interface cover. The adapter for pipe connection offers the option of mounting the pipe from above or below.
Dimensional drawing


• Prepared for 7 cut-outs to accommodate hardware buttons
• 22.5 mm cut-outs
• Without wiring, without buttons
• Black design without logo with labelling strips


Order No.:  DV-MEXOPT-02 001-AA 

Everything at a glance

The MES9000 series shop floor terminals are made for the production scenarios of the future. Find out more here. 

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Driver Download

Our driver download area is currently being restructured and our support team will be happy to provide you with the appropriate drivers for your ADS-TEC device. You can reach us via the form or directly by e-mail at support.iit@ads-tec.de.


Prolongs the security of your business.

ADS-TEC Industrial IT once again shows that quality standards by no means end with the development and production of outstanding technology. The company also provides excellent service. With the Basic, Silver and Gold service packages, you can extend the life cycle of your product even after the warranty has expired and protect it against technical failures for a prolonged period. For repairs, you can specify defined response times between 3 and 10 working days for 36 or 60 months. 

Need even more security? Full comprehensive coverage (FCC) provides you with virtually complete coverage for industrial computing products – which also covers mechanical damage.


The new MES benchmark for paperless production

MES9000 shop floor terminals


IP65 Industrial PCs for harsh environments in manufacturing

MES9000 rugged shop floor terminals


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