The kind of industrial IT that your industry needs.

Best performance in all usage areas.

Application areas

Increase efficiency, improve process quality, reduce operating costs and also take sustainability into consideration – new product and business models are in demand during the course of digitalisation, whatever the industry.
As an established developer and manufacturer of industrial computer and IT systems, we realised at an early stage how we could tailor our technology solutions to the various industries. We know about the individual requirements in the areas of mechanical and systems engineering, wood processing, manufacturing and production, warehousing, logistics and transport, food, pharmaceuticals and chemical and also shipbuilding.
We implement made-to-measure IT solutions for Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation on the basis of our industrial panel PCs, terminals and monitors. In this way, we collaborate with you to develop products and services that are ready for the future.

Perfect integration in all application areas

Manufacturing and Production Manufacturing and Production Shopfloor Machinery and Plant engineering Logistics and Transport Food, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Machine control Industrial Security Plattform

Smart IT for the mechanical and systems engineering of tomorrow.

Increasing raw material prices, delivery chain delays, production flexibility and shorter maintenance intervals are the challenges in mechanical engineering. The sooner you push forward with the digital transformation, the easier it will be to get ahead of the competition. We are looking forward to transforming your IT requirements into perfect Industry 4.0 solutions.


Industrial IT for manufacturing & production.

Adherence to deadlines, transparency, flexibility – improve your production processes by means of smart information flow and comprehensive networking! We accompany your company with our software and hardware solutions, and help you to utilise untapped potential along your value chain.


Our IT logistic solutions: In the warehouse or outdoors.

Do you want to optimise your delivery chains in the warehousing, logistics and transport areas? Powerful IT solutions are required for fork lift trucks, industrial trucks, agricultural machinery and construction machinery which set standards with regard to stability, safety and connectivity. Our industrial expertise will help you to overcome the major IT challenges of tomorrow.


Food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals – the maximum hygiene standards.

Our made-to-measure IT solutions “Made in Germany” are an integral part of the production facilities in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Wherever the maximum hygiene requirements apply. Coordinated with all of the regulations and standards in these industries.


IT solutions for shipbuilding

Digitalisation is progressing – also in the shipbuilding area. Industrial IT is essential. Our IT solutions are a combination of network security and robustness in order to ensure that a successful process is provided in this special area, and to discover and exploit latent potential.


No two companies are the same – what applies to hardware also applies to software. We therefore provide a solution for reliable remote maintenance and the IIoT with Big-LinX®. Industry 4.0 made in Germany. We would be pleased to assist you in creating your customised software solution.