Food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals

The strictest hygiene standards

Food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Optimised for the strict hygiene requirements of the production processes, and powerful and reliable at the same time: Our hygiene PC Portfolio is designed to guarantee maximum safety in hygiene-sensitive industries. Adherence to the strictest hygiene requirements is essential for production in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We are aware of the requirements, and will support you with our knowledge of the industry when it is a case of choosing the HMIs for production systems with the maximum hygiene requirements. You can expect innovative IT solutions which have been specially developed for the stringent requirements of these industries.

Top priority: Hygiene

Strict hygiene requirements apply in the industrial processing of food, beverages, chemical products or medicines, often under clean room conditions. The ADS-TEC Industrial IT devices are more than just washable hardware. Our devices fulfil the following: IP65 and IP69 certification against dust and water jets, alkalis and acids, suitability for cleaning with high-pressure cleaners, the EHEDG directives up to DIN EN ISO 1459:2008 and the certified clean room capability of the Fraunhofer IPA institute. After all, we are talking about the health of human beings. 

Hygiene Computer: Hygiene Comfort Design

Uncompromising hygiene, safety and reliable operation under extreme temperatures are the most important requirements in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our Hygiene Industrial Panel PCs and monitors with the completely encapsulated stainless steel casing with the innovative Hygiene Comfort Design are ideal for use in this hygiene-sensitive production: easy to clean, corrosion-resistant and optimised for hygiene-critical environments.


Hygienic Blue. Even more hygiene safety

Our Hygiene Panel PC from the MMT8000 series is optionally equipped with the blue Hygienic Blue front seal for Clean out of Place (COP) cleaning, and has been developed in accordance with the EHEDG standards.

This selection of products could be the right one for you:


Real-time monitoring.

The digital recording, display and processing of real-time machinery data helps you to improve your production processes. Because faults or even machine failures affect the entire process. The setting up of alarms helps you to be warned about problems well in advance.


Every step of production is tracked.

From received goods to loading, packaging to delivery, the Hygiene Panel PCs can be used throughout production. The combination of our hygiene devices and HDBaseT data transmission modules can transfer and track all steps without problems – ensuring that all regulations and quality standards are adhered to.

Perfect integration in all application areas

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