Individualise together

What difference does innovative technology make? Every individual detail.

Make our products yours: with your company logo on the housing, and design your buttons, seals and hardware in your Corporate Identity colours. This is where your customisation begins. Be it for your company or as an OEM: We will implement the requirements quickly and competently.


As individually as your image.

As individually as your image. Customer-specific designs, hardware and software are not a problem thanks to the depth of our in-house developments. From the housing colour to the boat logo to the completed software installation, everything is possible.


You determine the colour.

You choose the colour for your individual design. From the housing, the seals in accent colours and the buttons in your company colours.

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Everything makes sense. With every finger press.

Tailor your button symbols or labelling to your application, and determine which function is triggered by each individual button.


Modern touch technology: Easy operation.

Touch screens are now the norm on the shop floor. Our terminals are equipped with projected-capacitive (PCAP) touch screen technology or resistive technology, and can be operated intuitively and precisely – even wearing work gloves.

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All of this is already feasible from just a few hundred pieces.*


Button panel

Button design

Touch technology

Function via print suitable for glove operation
Function via change of electrical capacitance by finger

Operating system

*In this configuration, we have only provided a small selection of options. We will be happy to advise you on further options and customisation possibilities.


Your product vision becomes reality.

Do you know exactly what you want? Good. Joint product development gives you all of the possibilities. Whatever your requirements, we will find a solution that fulfils your specifications. We will help you to transform your product vision into a product.