Frequent use in warehousing, logistics and transport

Warehousing, logistics and transport

Global trade wouldn’t be possible without logistics. The optimum organisation of warehousing, transport and distribution makes it possible for all of the processes within the delivery chain to interact perfectly. This is where the complete solutions from ADS-TEC Industrial IT with our made-to-measure hardware and software solutions come into play. They contribute to the digitalisation of your delivery chains, and make it easier to manage data.

Armed today for the challenges of tomorrow.

Cost control, scaleability and energy efficiency are the challenges in logistics. Not only sustainability plays a part in this. Fan-less cooling leads to long-lasting components and system solutions. The latest processor technology gives you the best ratio of computing power to energy consumption.

Ready for the digital transformation.

The logistics industry is also in the midst of the digital transformation. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and Big Data have their part to play in improving both the transparency and efficiency of processes. ADS-TEC Industrial IT provides the best basis for supporting you during this transformation with future-proof technology and intelligent software.


Always on the move. Your forklift terminals.

Our extremely robust Vehicle Mounted Terminals have been specially developed for use in harsh conditions on fork lift trucks and industrial trucks. They set standards with regard to stability thanks to their robust design and unbreakable front panels. They are therefore geared for any eventuality regarding WLAN lighting, MiMo (multiple in, multiple out), roaming and an uninterruptible power supply.

Perfect integration in all application areas

Manufacturing and Production Manufacturing and Production Shopfloor Machinery and Plant engineering Logistics and Transport Food, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Machine control Industrial Security Plattform

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Big-LinX®: a platform which has it all

We have brought everything together on a single platform: Cloud solutions for global machine data management and monitoring, a software solution for remote access, firewalls as a secure gateway and simple online support.