Mechanical and systems engineering

Focus on the industrial transformation.

Mechanical and systems engineering

The manufacturing landscape in the mechanical engineering area has changed significantly during the course of the digital transformation. Planning, construction, maintenance and operation optimisation are the important factors in addition to system reliability and long-term operation. Accordingly, ADS-TEC Industrial IT takes up a key position wherever conntected, flexible and agile production is required.
Our solutions play their part in increasing your productivity: The latest regulations and requirements are a fixed constituent of our activities, but we are also happy to implement your special requests.


Designing the future of mechanical engineering

Machines are much, much more than just mechanical devices. They are complex, data-generating systems. ADS-TEC Industrial IT will cooperate with you in designing the future of mechanical engineering, and will provide everything which is required with regard to performance, design and connectivity in modern machinery and system planning with its innovative industrial PC’s and operating terminals.


Interaction and visualisation made simple

Interaction with the machine is made much simpler using the ADS-TEC terminals, regardless of whether it is locally or remotely using remove diagnosis. Modern human-machine interaction and visualisation now involves much more than just flicking a switch. The latest generation of industrial terminals impresses with its outstanding ease of use of the screens with widescreen format and the user-friendly interface of the multi-touch displays.


Paperless production.

Wave goodbye to paperwork. The digitalisation of data is making transparent and paper-free production the way of the future. Our user-friendly industrial PCs are designed for use as modern shop floor terminals: They display machine and process data for demanding manufacturing environments, provide efficient control and also integrate MES systems. Even under difficult conditions such as in the presence of dust, moisture, vibration or impacts.

This selection of products could be the right one for you:

Perfect integration in all application areas

Manufacturing and Production Manufacturing and Production Shopfloor Machinery and Plant engineering Logistics and Transport Food, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Machine control Industrial Security Plattform

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Smooth processes

Automation, comprehensive data analysis and networking produce smooth-running production processes and perfect transparency of your systems. The result: Faster production and fewer manual mistakes. Our industrial PCs can be connected to different communication networks thanks to versatile connectivity and compatibility with all of the most popular communication standards.

Always secure, always in, always up to date: Therefore making administration a delight.

The sooner, the safer


Production safety is extremely important in the world of mechanical and systems engineering. Being able to compartmentalise production cells, early detection of the risk of machine failures and long downtimes and automated alarming are dealt with by our IT solutions: Remotely or locally.

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Smart maintenance


No-one can afford downtimes. You can keep an eye on your systems at all times using remote maintenance – wherever the location. This allows you to schedule maintenance in an optimum way, and significantly reduce the amount of organisation. What do you need for this? Our Big-LinX IIoT Service & Maintenance platform. This gives you continuous access to your machine data. And allows you to detect deviations and potential problems before they lead to downtimes. Saving money and making more effective use of time. The ideal prerequisites for modern and safe production in mechanical engineering.

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