ADS-TEC and KraussMaffei at the RemoteServiceForum 2014

Together with Josef Hammerschmid of KraussMaffei Technologies, the ADS-TEC remote service expert Horst Lange will discuss the issue “Security and Communication with Remote Platforms” at the RemoteServiceForum in Karlsruhe on 19th February 2014.

With Big-LinX, the ADS-TEC remote service solution, KraussMaffei offers its customers a worldwide 24/7 remote service and so increases the productivity of the injection molding machines. With the ADS-TEC IT Security Technology KraussMaffei can offer this advantage without any additional security risks.

Learn more about the application of ADS-TEC remote service technologies at KraussMaffei on 18 and 19 February 2014 at the RemoteServiceForum at the IHK Karlsruhe. 

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