ADS-TEC at Connected Service World 2019

ADS-TEC will be presenting its IoT solutions at the conference in a short lecture and will be involved as a moderator in the interactive format of the World Café. Drawing on their great experience and knowledge of the field, ADS-TEC will moderate the topics “Digitalisation in Service" and "Monitoring, Process Optimisation, Visualisation”. In the parallel exhibition, the Swabian IT pioneer’s award-winning software and hardware products will be presented in live demonstrations.

The theme of the conference is "From Remote Service to Digital Productivity Services", which clearly highlights the focus on new digital smart services that can increase productivity and availability. Capability maturity models, business models and service sales are crucial topics in the fast growing service business. The conference in Karlsruhe will help keep track of technologies and business models across the whole range of new service offerings.

Long before the term "Industry 4.0" became a keyword, ADS-TEC was already implementing digital transformation in practice, both in-house and with numerous customers. That's why smart services are already being used so successfully in various industries for large customers in highly complex applications as ADS-TEC offers a solution kit from a single source, which enables a huge increase in profitability to be achieved. Marc Schmierer, Industrial IT Product Manager at ADS-TEC, presents the high-performance solution kit and the innovations of the medium-sized Swabian company and shows clearly how the various IoT components interlink and where there is great potential for increased cost-efficiency. Using their own IoT service platform, the various operating devices and operating software as well as appropriate high-quality firewalls and routers, decisive added value can be generated in combination, particularly for the service business.

In addition to technological solutions, ADS-TEC also offers many years of experience in the design and implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions. A competent technical consulting team supports the implementation and commissioning of the respective solution.

The IoT service platform Big-LinX® in conjunction with firewall and router creates a powerful solution kit for growing infrastructures.