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ADS-TEC at Energy Storage Europe

[Translate to English:] (Foto: ADS-TEC)

[Translate to English:] (Foto: ADS-TEC)

In Düsseldorf, ADS-TEC will be presenting a product relevant to electromobility of the future – the extremely compact storage system "HPC Booster" (HPC = high-power charging) which, together with the separate HPC Dispenser fast-charging station, effectively makes the existing distribution grid usable without the need for costly network expansion. The system can be integrated anywhere in the limited-power distribution grid and, with its high-quality design, also fulfils a representative function. Both are new developments in cooperation with the Porsche Engineering Group.

At the Energy Storage Europe show, ADS-TEC will also be showcasing intelligent energy solutions for home use, industry and infrastructure as well as for e-mobility on the basis of high-performance battery storage systems. You will find our trade show stand in Building 8b, Stand 8bD22. We look forward to seeing you!

ADS-TEC's trade show appearances
At the conference event, Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC and president of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES), will be taking part in the panel discussion "Energy Storage or Grid Extension – The Appropriate Question?" held on 13th March. Dr. Jens Kistner, head of product and project management for energy storage applications at ADS-TEC, will also be holding a lecture regarding the PowerBooster in session 8 "Energy Storage Solutions – Best Practice Examples".

Further details on Energy Storage Europe 2018 can be found in our press release.