ADS-TEC builds new principal office in Nürtingen

ads-tec started into the new year with a groundbreaking ceremony for the new principal office. At the beginning of 2014 approximately 200 employees will move to the new building in Nürtingen Bachhalde.  With this step ADS-TEC meets the increasing space requirements. Different sites are put together, processes are optimized.

The mayor of Nürtingen, Otmar Heirich, sees Nürtingen as a technology center in the region of Stuttgart strengthened. “The city of Nürtingen welcomes the investment and is pleased to see that one of the regions most innovative companies settles at out location.”

“Since we found innovative partners with the “Gewerbezweckverband Nürtingen” (industry administration union of Nürtingen) and the representatives of the municipalities, we decided for Nürtingen. They enabled us to bring together all our employees and sectors in one location”, said Thomas Speidel, General Manager of ads-tec. “The property is close to city and autobahn and beautifully situated near Swabian alb. And it gives us enough space for expansion and another new building.”

Beside the new principal office, ADS-TEC has another site in Wilsdruff near Dresden since 2009.