ADS-TEC Industrial IT presents new IRF3000 industrial firewall series

According to a Bitcom Research study from 2019, one in three German industrial company has already been a victim of cyberattacks. New cases are reported every day. The damage suffered by affected companies due to digital sabotage, theft of sensitive data or spying on digital communication is immense. To counteract this, the Nürtingen-based company ADS-TEC Industrial IT has launched a new generation of industrial firewalls that have been specially developed for demanding security tasks in Industry 4.0: the IRF3000 series.

All-in-one security solution

The industrial firewalls of the 3000-generation combine several products in one housing and are the ideal all-in-one security solution for networking, controlling and securing interlinked machines and systems. As firewalls, they are equipped with built-in smartcard technology and thus ensure maximum security - even for critical remote maintenance tasks. As routers, the IRF3000 series contribute to the simultaneous implementation of several Industry 4.0 applications. Last but not least, the IRF3000 firewalls are also IIoT gateways: this makes them suitable for quickly and securely forwarding data from the connected machines, devices and sensors to a cloud or retrieving it from there. All models of the IRF3000 series are delivered pre-configured and ready to plug'n'play on request.