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ADS-TEC to present the MMT8000 series at the Hygienic Design Expo 2019

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The low-maintenance stainless steel industrial PCs are effective in settings where the need for hygiene is high, and stand out due to their compact and seamless construction. Optimised for use in situations where hygiene is a priority, the MMT8000 series from ADS-TEC is a reliable and powerful tool for machine and plant operation. The operating terminals, which are entirely developed and produced in-house, ensure comprehensive and secure operation in the food, beverages, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries.

High hygienic requirements

The production of foodstuffs is subject to extremely high requirements in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. The machine terminals have been developed especially to fulfil these requirements. Glass and stainless steel surfaces and a fanless design make cleaning easy. The MMT8000 series can easily be cleaned using standard cleaning agents. Thanks to its seamless and screw-free construction, dust and dirt can simply be wiped off. The completely enclosed industrial PCs in the MMT8000 series are IP65-compliant. Protected interfaces and concealed cable routing complete the easy maintenance of the terminal.

Robust technology combined with a prize-winning design                          
The ADS-TEC terminals in the MMT8000 series constitute an efficient and reliable basis for the control and visualisation of your production processes and system monitoring. The terminals are available with 17.3" or 23.8" full HD displays and are equipped with the latest multi-touch technology for easy and intuitive operation. The capacitive multi-touch display is user-friendly and can be operated with bare hands or with gloves. The anti-reflective and chemically toughened front panel permits clear visibility, even when there is a lot of ambient light. The patented sandwich housing technology, consisting of layers of stainless steel and aluminium, implements the latest technological standards. A prize-winning design rounds off the functionality of the MMT8000 series and provides decisive advantages during use.

Display resolution                             
With the MMD8000 series, ADS-TEC also offers a purely digital monitor-based solution for connection to existing industrial PCs. The MMD8000 series is available in the same design and housing as the complete solution. High display signal transmission rates provide maximum flexibility for the easy connection of your existing control cabinet PC or central computer.

Service and many years of experience
In addition to this technological solution, ADS-TEC has many years of experience in the area of industrial IT. With the Big-LinX IoT service platform and real-time control via X-Remote, we offer our customers a one-stop-shop for comprehensive solutions. Additionally, ADS-TEC service packages guarantee the long-term protection of client devices.

ADS-TEC will exhibit at Hygienic Design Expo 2019
We look forward to meeting with you at booth HD6 in the dm-arena at the Hygienic Design Expo, from 5 to 7 February at Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. Our staff team will be happy to give you on-site information and advice on the MMT8000 series, as well as the entire Industrial IT product portfolio offered by ADS-TEC.