Anuga FoodTec 2018: ADS-TEC presents the MMT8000 series

Production under the strictest hygiene requirements, round the clock, efficiently: those are the challenges for IT platforms in the food production industry. Optimised for use in hygienic environments, the MMT8000 series from ADS-TEC is reliable and powerful with respect to machine and plant operation. The machine terminals – 100% of which are developed in-house – guarantee complete traceability of products, quality assurance and the documentation of the production process, which are indispensable in the food industry.

Robust engineering – Slim design
ADS-TEC terminals of the MMT8000 series form an efficient and reliable basis for the control and visualisation of production processes and system monitoring. They are available in 17.3" or 23.8" Full HD displays, boast state-of-the-art multi-touch technology with their fully enclosed stainless-steel housing and are able to be operated easily and intuitively. The capacitive multi-touch display provides comfortable operability even when using several fingers and gloves. An anti-reflective and chemically toughened front panel enables clear visibility, even with extreme light irradiation.

With sandwich housing technology made from stainless-steel and aluminium layers, our terminals embody the latest standards in engineering. Integrated heat pipes optimise heat dissipation. The prize-winning design completes the functionality of the MMT8000 series and provides crucial advantages when in use.

Hygiene the top priority
Production in food manufacturing is subject to strict hygiene requirements. ADS-TEC has adapted the terminals – 100% of which have been developed in-house – specifically to the challenges of hygienic environments. Surfaces made from glass and stainless steel and a fanless structure enable easy cleaning. Optimised for hygiene areas, the robust MMT8000 series can easily be cleaned using everyday cleaning agents. Dust and dirt can also be wiped off effortlessly thanks to the screwless design without joints or edges.

The fully enclosed industrial PCs of the MMT8000 series boast protection class IP65. Protected interfaces and covered cable routing complement the easy maintainability of our terminals and allow our customers the best possible care in order to comply with the most stringent demands for hygiene.

The terminals of the MMD8000 series are also available as a mere digital monitor solution for connecting to an existing industrial PC environment. These simple monitor solutions of the MMD8000 series are presented in the same design and housing as the complete computer solution. High transmission rates of the display signals offer maximum flexibility for the convenient connection of an existing control cabinet PC or a master computer.

Service and experience
On top of technological solutions, ADS-TEC offers many years of experience in the field of industrial IT. With the IoT service platform Cloud Big-LinX® and the X-Remote real-time service, we represent a one-stop shop for complete solutions to our customers. Furthermore, the ADS-TEC service packages guarantee the long-term security of their devices.