Career day in Nürtingen

With a lot of dedication and information material, ADS-TEC presented itself at the HfWU University Nürtingen-Geislingen’s Career Day on November 21, 2017. As “Innovator of the Year 2017,” the medium-sized company is involved in many current and forward-looking topics  (according to ‘brand eins’ and ‘Statista’, ADS-TEC is one of Germany’s most innovative companies in the “Energy & Environment” category) and is thus looking forward to adding new talent to its young teams in numerous projects with exciting tasks. Both divisions of the energy and IT pioneer, "Energy Storage" and "Industrial IT" were present with employees from ADS-TEC.

On career day, the company was able to specifically get in touch with students who are either looking to get hired directly or who are interested in internships, practical semesters, final theses, or jobs for working students. We look forward to seeing what will come of it.