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Challenge Industrial WLAN

[Translate to English:] Herausforderung Industrie WLAN - RAP1000 in Lagerhalle

A forklift truck or an order picker drives through a warehouse. Suddenly radio contact breaks.

You might know the situation!

Establishing a stable industrial WLAN is a challenge. Wall and ceiling coverings made of trapezoidal sheet metal for example may cause reflecting waves. The waves may attenuate or even nullify each other. A similar effect may arise with steel racks or stock material. The changing occupancy of long and high shelves can result in fluctuations in the radio field. Ferro concrete or massive stock material (for example paper rolls) attenuates or blocks WLAN connections.

ads-tec delivers industrial WLAN components, which are specially developed for uninterruptable data transmissions in the ambitious field of logistics.  Additionally ADS-TEC offers extensive services. ADS-TEC for example writes WLAN coverage protocols for warehouses to avoid dead spots or radio shadows and so to enable an optimized installation of industrial WLAN.

ads-tec is pleased to answer your questions or to give a presentation in your company.