Industrial WLAN – easy, fast, reliable

On 25 and 26 June 2013 the VDI/VDA symposia “Wireless Automation” and “Automation” take place in the Kongresshaus Baden-Baden. ADS-TEC will be represented with two presentations by its IT infrastructure expert Heinrich Merz. In order to establish a stable and high-performance industrial WLAN, some potential obstacles have to be considered at first. Certain wall and ceiling may cause reflecting waves, massive stock material (for example paper rolls) attenuates or blocks WLAN connections, the changing occupancy of long and high shelves can result in fluctuations in the radio field. The examples are numerous! In his presentation “Industrial WLAN – easy, fast and uncomplicated” Heinrich Merz will talk about these problems and their specific solutions. ADS-TEC offers extensive services to face these problems. ADS-TEC for example writes WLAN coverage protocols for warehouses to avoid dead spots or radio shadows so to enable an optimized installation of industrial WLAN.

Options and advantages of cloud based remote services are manifold. But for a successful use of the cloud, security aspects have to be considered at first. In his second presentation Heinrich Merz will present the ADS-TEC SmartCard Security solution. Analogous to the security principle of an EC card every user has to authenticate to get cloud access – for highest security in remote services.

Experience more in the presentations “Industrial WLAN” on Tuesday, 25 June 2013 and “Security in Remote Services” on Wednesday, 26 June 2013 at the Kongresshaus in Baden-Baden.