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Remote Maintenance and Remote Diagnosis

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The Remote Maintenance and Remote Diagnosis of machinery and plants is getting secure now. Therefore ADS-TEC provides the Remote Service portal "Big-LinX" for Remote Maintenance of your machinery directly via the Internet. This safes time and travelling expenses. The web portal is easy to access from everywhere - you only need an Internet access. We provide security by SmartCards for authentification to protect the sharing point from others.

The complete solution from one source - We connect you with the machine via our Industrial Firewalls, UMTS and VPN Routers of the IF1000 and IRF2000 series. They are installed directly in the switch board, are intuitively in operation without additional software and provide secure VPN tunnels from the portal to the machine. With the Remote Maintenance solution by ADS-TEC you are able to reduce not only the costs for services and maintenance, you also increase the availability of the machine for the customer.

The Remote Service Cloud Big-LinX by ADS-TEC is a web portal hosted in Germany with VPN server integrated - Technology 100% made in Germany.


Get to know Big-LinX with the testing kit:

• Big-LinX base access for 6 weeks
• 1 virtual machine
• Optionally with Industrial Firewall of the IF1000 series or IRF2000 series

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