Remote Service Cloud

Big-LinX is the name of our Service Cloud for Remote Maintenance – it is deployed when the machine has to be fit again or maintenance and updates should be available quickly. It doesn’t matter from where you or your customer are connected with Big-LinX, the only requirement is an internet connection. Big-LinX takes care of secure connection from you to the machine via the latest VPN and authentication technologies.

Test our Remote Service Cloud Big-LinX in 3 variable Evaluation kits depending on your requirements in 3 variable versions today. Every of the 3 offers at the introductory price include the Big-LinX basic access for 6 weeks, 2 SmartCards for authentication for user and machine, 2 VPN connections and the use of 1 virtual machine, an USB SmartCard Reader for the Service PC, an Industrial VPN Router & Firewall of IF1000 or IRF2000 series and a Power supply 24V with power cable.