SPS IPC Drives 2018: ADS-TEC puts its successful stainless steel terminal MMT8000 in the spotlight and presents the newly developed robust terminal series VMT9000. The Cloud Big-LinX® developed into an IoT service platform.

ADS-TEC will be demonstrating corresponding products for all production processes at Europe’s leading trade fair for electronic automation, and widely supports individual Industry 4.0 strategies. This is already being carried out very successfully in different industries. The customer benefits from a decade of experience, the complete depth of development and a professional ‘Made in Germany’ technology.

Best in class: MMT 8000 series ‘Machine Mounted Terminals’ for machine and system operation in hygiene industries is winner of the Red Dot Award
The high-quality MMT8000 series industry PCs are the focal point with their glossy design and the way they have been thought out down to the last detail. The easy-care and fanless stainless steel industry PCs have already been a success in use in the demanding hygiene industry, and impress with their compact, jointless construction. Mounting on the boom (48 mm pipe) allows PCs to be exchanged conveniently and independently, without dismantling the control panel unit. The latest multi-touch technology for intuitive machine operation and integration of the latest Intel® Core™ processors and operating systems with Windows® 8 and Windows® 10 complete the ‘state-of-the-art’ technology. As well as the IPC solutions already mentioned, the products are also available as digital monitor solutions for existing industry PC environments (MMD8000 series).

The new VMT 9000 series: Vehicle terminal for mobile logistics applications
The new VMT9000 series follows the tradition of award-winning ADS-TEC operating devices with its premium design and quality. The new generation logistics terminals are significantly smaller, yet more powerful and equipped with an abundance of innovative features. They are available in 4:3 format and, for the first time, in widescreen format, equipped with the latest Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB, Linux and IGEL operating systems, and available in 10.4, 12.1 and 15 inches. A wide-range power section and the option of having an additional antenna for fast roaming make the device a reliable companion.

Secure in Industry 4.0: the high-performing IoT service platform Big-LinX® as a solution kit for constantly growing structures
Combined with ADS-TEC firewalls and IRF2000 series routers, as well as X-Remote operating software (which can be used locally and globally), Big-LinX represents a highly effective solution kit for comprehensive IoT applications. With the move to Azure, the open interface structure and a large number of operating modes, Big-LinX is geared towards customised designs and growing with the customer’s dynamic structure. Services such as maintenance and dashboard-managed remote services, condition monitoring, device management and future data analysis using predictive maintenance applications can be adapted to the market environment’s requirements and easily integrated into the existing IT systems. The option of visualising data with customer-specific dashboards has been added as a new feature. An officially recognised solution is even offered for the Chinese market. In addition, top-class, state-of-the-art IT security technology supports demanding customers when complying with the required due diligence obligations for networked systems.

ADS-TEC allows visitors to experience each product live - even the tried-and-tested panel PCs, displays and tablet computers - thus learning about that added value that can be created from the wide spectrum of IT solutions.