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The Next Generation of Human-Machine-Interaction

3 persons operate a terminal

Paper management in manufacturing, poor visualisation of machine and process data or unsuitable PCs for harsh manufacturing environments are familiar to many companies. ADS TEC Industrial IT provides a remedy with its new MES9000 series. The industrial PCs are particularly suited for three application scenarios. Whether as shop floor terminal, machine panel PC or as rugged shop floor terminal in harsh environments, the device series is the ideal solution for a modern manufacturing and production environment. Depending on device variation and thanks to a well-thought-out mounting concept, the MES9000 series can be mounted on a support arm, on the table base via VESA 100 sockets or on the machine wall. Threaded bushings on the top and bottom allow the operator to attach additional components such as a keyboard or scanner holder.

Everything a modern HMI needs
Available in three different display sizes (15,6“, 18,5“ and 23,8“), the industrial PCs can be customised ex works, e.g. with a custom image with pre-installed software, a BIOS that includes a customer-specific boot logo or a special display touch behaviour. Thanks to its large and intuitive multi-touch display, machines and systems can be controlled efficiently and operating data can be manually and digitally recorded in combination with an MES system. Even while wearing work gloves, the display responds reliably. Our HMIs are entirely fan-less but still allow the use of the powerful Intel® Celeron® and Intel® Core™ CPUs of the 8th generation. This ensures the required performance even with high software requirements for high-performance recording, visualisation and control of manufacturing processes.

Versatile connectivity for individual use cases
The MES9000 series offers a large range of modern interfaces including a front USB port, DisplayPort for connecting additional displays and HDBaseT. As an option, the devices can also be equipped with Bluetooth to easily connect scanners, a wireless radio module with current Wi-Fi standards or RFID for user identification. Additional integrable Hilscher netJACK modules enable an easy and tool-free connection of established field bus and Real-Time-Ethernet protocols.

Built to withstand rough manufacturing environments
In manufacturing environments, humidity, dust, high temperatures, vibrations, and shocks can negatively affect an insufficiently protected HMI. However, the MES9000 series is designed to thrive in such conditions. The front is made of tempered glass and is shock-proof according to IK08. The housing is fully protected against dust and jet water meeting IP65 requirements, when used with the corresponding accessory kit.