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Optimized repair and service area

With the relocation to our new head office in Nürtingen, the possibility arises for us to further optimise our processes and structures and thereby offer added value to you as a customer and partner.

In order to focus our activities and competencies, we will be bundling our repair and service activities in our Dresden/Wilsdruff location beginning 1 November 2014. At the same time, we will increase the transparency of our service areas through the introduction of an RMA process and thereby optimise our service, which will offer you further advantages as a customer and partner.

Beginning 1 November 2014, we ask that you please send all systems for repair to the following address:

ads-tec Dresden GmbH
Service department
Dresdner Tor 1
D-01723 Wilsdruff
Phone: +49 35204-391222
Fax: +49 35204-391422

Beginning 1 November 2014, you will find the Repair Registration area on our website under Support. We ask that you please complete the online form provided there if you would like to send in a device for servicing. You will thereby contribute to a fast and smooth repair process. All necessary return information as well as the corresponding RMA number will be sent to you electronically immediately after you enter your data. In addition, we will inform you in the future of receipt of your return within the scope of a service order confirmation.