Remote Maintenance with Big-LinX

With the Big-LinX Cloud from ADS-TEC Kautex Maschinenbau Inc. offers its customers a purposeful and secure solution for the remote maintenance of their machinery and plants. Without expensive IT integration stoppages can be avoided easily and waiting times are reduced to a minimum. The Kautex Remote Service, one of the leading in international extrusion technology, can react on time and quickly to service requests worldwide via the cloud portal Big-LinX.

With the latest generation of Industrial VPN Router and Firewalls of the IRF2000 series from ADS-TEC there are also secure data connection between service technician and machinery in service. The specialty of the remote maintenance via the Big-LinX cloud from ADS-TEC is the safe exchange of the service technician and the customer via the portal. To get the clearly identificated access to the portal, the parties have to authentificate themselves via SmartCards as hardware certification. The Rendezvous server assumes the handshake function to connect data exchange between machinery and technician at two outbound secure VPN connections (Virtual Private Network).

For greater security in Remote Services - The Kautex Remote Maintenance is realized with Firewalls and VPN Routers as well as the Big-LinX Cloud from ads-tec.