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VMT9000 series: ADS-TEC presents innovations at LogiMAT IIoT Client and IIoT Service Platform enable additional features for process optimisation of vehicle terminals

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"The topic of Industry 4.0 has now also arrived in logistics. What is important here is a powerful, scalable and manufacturer-independent infrastructure that also includes industrial trucks. With the IIoT Client for the ADS-TEC VMT9000 forklift terminal, we are offering a complete construction kit here, which above all also takes into account the security aspects of data access," explains Manfred Baumeister, Sales Manager of ads-tec Industrial IT GmbH.

Reliable and durable in rugged environments
VMT9000 vehicle mount terminals are designed for use in rugged environments in logistics and on agricultural and construction machinery. The terminals are available in both 4:3 and widescreen formats. To meet different customer requirements, ADS-TEC Industrial IT offers the Vehicle Mounted Terminals in 10.4, 12.1 and 15 inch sizes. Due to the wide input voltage range of 12 - 48 VDC the customer can use vehicles with different power supplies without a separate power supply or voltage converter.

The latest Intel® Apollo Lake processors ensure performance and long-term availability for demanding tasks. A UPS function ensures uninterrupted operation for at least 60 minutes. A proximity sensor is integrated for driver detection, which automatically darkens the display when the driver leaves the vehicle and optimizes energy consumption. RFID user recognition secures the terminals against unwanted access to all data. Optionally, the vehicle terminals can be equipped with resistive industrial or capacitive multi-touch screens. The Sunlight-Readable display allows easy readability at any location even in poor light conditions.

Poor transmission and reception conditions are a well-known problem in industry. If the standard, internal WLAN antennas are not sufficient, the VMT9000 solves this problem with the additional possibility of connecting an external WLAN antenna (optionally also via WWAN and GPS). Windows 10, Linux, or IGEL - the ADS-TEC terminal is compatible and thus completely independent of the customer's IT strategy.

Product innovations

The customer can record and manage all ADS-TEC devices and thus also his vehicles in the IIoT service platform. This includes the possibility of device management, condition monitoring or the storage of maintenance intervals. The implemented software, X-Remote, is used for secure image transmission of the desktop during user assistance.

As a second function, the IIoT Client enables process data about the actual logistics process to be recorded and stored in the ADS-TEC cloud. The client can use this function to create a digital twin of its logistics process and keep an eye on the efficiency and productivity figures (Overall Equipment Efficiency [OEE]) of its fleet. In addition to the current vehicle status, operating hours, capacity utilisation and distance travelled are displayed transparently and thus easily accessible for process optimisation.